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Project : Project Engineering in a Process Flow Diagram/Plot Plan
Description : This package, developed in Auto LISP, enables you to maintain and keep track of various parameters, related to Production, Maintenance, and Quality control and to monitor, evaluate various input/output variables from time to time.


  • The objective of this project work is to design and develop
  • To have the complete information at a single point, that is with Project Department.
  • To keep track and control of information of a particular facility
  • To improve the interaction with in the internal departments
  • To maintain records of Process data, like Input & Output parameters.
  • For better project management, with high degree of reliability,
  • A user friendly cost effective method of evaluation.


  • Facilitates to retrieve the complete information about the project/Equipment/Product instantly at any given orspecified stage in the sequence of operations
  • On a single window screen complete Mechanical, Process, Product and Quality data is available at any stage of Project
  • The above data can be retrieved or modified or updated easily and can be controlled by respective departments on one screen with secure mode
  • It is possible to have the hard copy of information of equipment for record purpose, if at all it is required to maintain.
  • We have developed specification cum history/maintenance sheet, which can be modified any number of times.
  • With this above facility it is possible to have the complete information of equipment right from the erection stage to till date.
  • Enables to interact with respective departments for developments, modifications, and suggestions thru individual activity sheet and still can be easily updated in the common sheet.
  • This package makes the presentation simpler to your project engineers and helps better interaction with a high level internal demonstration as well as coordinating with the customer, as it contains complete information about the particular project/product.
  • All the functions can be performed by Mouse operation only, except for data entry, hence one need not have familiarity with the software.

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