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ASITA'S IMPETUS The relevance of any technology depends more on its practical approach rather than its age. As a time tested and honored practice, Engineering has no parallels. As the matter of fact, the advances in engineering and allied fields are changing rapidly and have emerged as a major area of excellence.

Some of the biggest factors that are affecting the process industry are Energy consumption, pollution and complications in maintaining and operations. Today the industry is seeking for innovative and trouble-free techniques, which may prove to be the right solutions with consistency, reliability & accuracy. With the advancement in technology, right solutions can be developed to meet the expectations and requirements of the customer.

ASITA ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS (AEC), Offers Services, which includes Preparation of engineering flow diagrams, Plant layouts, Site layouts, Designing of Equipment, Preparation of Bill of Materials, Performance Design of Process Equipment, Preparation of Fabrication Drawings, for, complete Equipment. Apart from the design and detail engineering we also offer our services in Manufacturing, Inspection, Erection, Commissioning, Site Supervision, etc.

1. ASITA ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS (AEC) , which is prominently, oversees the Consultancy for process design, basic engineering, detail engineering, Project Management, execution & commissioning, including turn key projects.
2. ASITA ENGINEERS (AE): As it is an Approved Organisation by Director of Boilers, A.P, Hyderabad, Specialised in Boiler repairs, replacement of tubes, etc. and Steam pipeline design, detail engineering, procurement, fabrication, errection, testing, insulation and commissioning of the plant.

To strengthen the company’s position in its core business and pursue continued expansion into new lucrative arenas, which can lure us to be ahead in our area –of-operations transforming AEC into a “Center of Excellence”.

”Committed to play a leading & vital role in the Technological Applications & Development of excellence in products and services to meet the complete present & future varied needs & requirements of our customers in the field of engineering industry”.

1.5 GOAL
To make the entrepreneur by achieving their operational, tactical and strategic objects by utilizing the advanced technologies, leading to the improved productivity, enhanced quality and customer satisfaction


Meeting or acceding to clients’ requirements in every aspect of business relationship.
Providing quality professionals personnel for every assignment.
Encouraging innovation in every aspect of business.
Building reusability into our products.
We shall uphold the dignity of the individual and honor all our commitments.
We shall be committed to Quality, Innovation and Growth in every endeavor.
We shall be responsible corporate citizens
Delivering the goods on time


At Asita, we always strive to honor all our commitments to meet or tranquil Clients’ present & future continuously changing needs & requirements in every aspect of our business relationship, with a commitment to Quality, Innovation & Growth by providing right Quality Professionals for the right assignment and by encouraging the ingenious in every aspect of business to uphold the dignity of the individual.


Asita has been endeavoring over the years to meet & provide optimized services for fulfilling the present & future requirements of our clients in the fast changing environment. This has been coupled with an increasing emphasis on providing fast & cost effective solutions.

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